To Love You



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To Love You

Music: David Menke /Lyric: Boca

© Menke/Boca


To love you…

I’d lose it all

Fall apart

Then come anew

All for you

I’ll take flight

In love’s delight


Time and time again

I make myself forget you

But I can’t,

I love you


To love you…

I’ll leave it all

Not look back

Remove the mask

To know this

I’ll take a chance

To love you


In a lover’s scheme we dance…


To leave him and go on..oh

To let him know


I can’t go on another day

Denying what I feel

So deeply in my heart

I can’t leave or stay

Nor make it go away

All of this is tearing me apart

I love you


To live a life of lies

My eyes can’t hide


To love you…


I must let go

Of all the years

I shared

The fears we so dared


Our dreams

The ones we thought

We’d live,

The years together

Or so it did seem

For it was forever we vowed


I want you more

Won’t look back

From this romance


(Oh), In a lover’s scheme we dance…


So very close the flame of love withstands

We may get burned

Oh how quickly love can turn



To love you…


To love you…




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