Live Your Dream

© Music: Frank Gambale Lyrics: Boca

Some you win, some you lose
Some you can’t begin to tell
Reachin’ out, reachin’ in, tryin’ hard
Make the sell, seal the deal
Make it real, cop a feel
Gotta look your best
‘Cuz no one cares how you may feel
Wanna run, wanna hide
Get away, take a ride
Get ahead, stay alive
When’s my turn, live and learn
Pay the price, get in line
Who said it’d be easy making good in a big man’s world

Everyday you get a chance to live it your own way
You just may forget this simple fact
People all around will tell you what it is that you should do
Don’t forget this is your life
Pleasin’ everyone you’ll soon forget just what it is you feel
Surely there’s a better way
Do that something you know in your heart
You were made to do
Live your dream today
Today’s the only day

Take the heat, turn it up
Gotta sweat, make it count
It’s time to live it up shout out
No don’t you be afraid
Step it up, time is now
Don’t look back, one way out
0ou, it’s much better when you’re living your life right

Everyday you get a chance……. (chorus)

Pass the test, do your best
Look ahead, don’t you fret
Blocks are on the path
When on the road to success
Take the chance, play the game
Make your way, who’s to blame
Live today like it’s your last day

Live Life
Make it a dream day
Don’t let it pass you by, no
Don’t let it pass you by
Live Life
Live your dream today
Don’t you let it, don’t you let it
Don’t let it pass you by

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