Welcome to the Official BOCA Songs Website!

Welcome to my  new website.

My desire for this site was to create an intimate setting to share one of the things I treasure most and have through out my life, songs.

From the moment I touched the piano at the tender age of 9, I immediately tried to write a song.  It was my first thought and a very natural expression.

I have honored this through out my life and have always tended to its call.

I’d be lying to you if I said it was easy.  On the contrary, following my dream has been anything but easy but it has certainly been worth it.

My road has been a long and winding one with a few detours, many road blocks, and a few pits stops,  some of which were really just pits….never the less the songs always flowed and all through out they have proven to be, more times than not,  a beacon of light for me on my path.  If I couldn’t write,  I couldn’t imagine a world such as this, and I certainly would not be the person I am today if it weren’t for the magical world of songwriting.

I am so very happy to share with you each of my songs in the way they are presented here on my site.    Most of the songs I’ve included in this first songs page have been released on my “Edge Of The Night” CD with the exception of “Just To Touch Your Hand” which has never been released until now.

I have so much to share with you, as the songs keep flowing.   There are many of which I have already  ‘readied’ for you and will release each one as a new BOCA song where you will have the opportunity to check back and receive a bit of inspiration if need be.

I genuinely consider the gift of music and songwriting a privilege.  That which comes with it a high price of entry.  A lifetime of dedication to the calling which resides deep in the heart of the writer far beyond rhyme or reason and sometimes  for many of us the price of admission is our very souls.

I give you all of my heart in these songs.  May they bring you love, courage and hope.  All the things it has taken me to bring them to you.  Thank you for taking me into your heart it is truly a privilege.

I am also excited to finally move into the world of  “Blogging” .   I am going to delve into this new medium whole heartedly and let this experience develop into whatever it will.   I’m certainly being moved to share my thoughts, feelings and experiences in a whole new way and I embrace this opportunity to share with you, my fellow angels.

Please be sure to let me know some of your thoughts and feelings as you walk in the direction of your dreams.

Until next blog,









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